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DeFi-ING the Future of Maritime Assets and Beyond

Facilitate secure, efficient, and transparent financing of marine assets, and align the interests of stakeholders in the industry.

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Our Mission

MarinFi, a pioneer in the Tokenization of marine assets, bridges the gap between marine assets and the DeFi world by leveraging blockchain technology to create a transparent, efficient and sustainable ecosystem.
MarinFi enhances the liquidity of marine assets, reduces transaction costs and promotes green finance for vessels. It provides more choices and opportunities for investors and asset owners, while promoting sustainable development in the maritime industry.


Benefits of MarinFi

MarinFi introduces real-world assets (RWA) to the DeFi landscape, aspiring to serve as a seamless conduit between traditional finance and decentralized finance within the marine sector. By harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, numerous benefits can be realized in our product offering.







Our Products

MarinFi is built on public chain, run as a permissioned DeFi. It is an on-chain & off-chain hybrid transactions structure.

MarinFi Pass - Dolphin

It's a unique form of Decentralized Identity (DID), exclusively available to users who have successfully completed KYC verification.

VaaS(Validation as a Serice) - Turtle

It's a set of validation services designed to enhance the security and reliability of MarinFi ecosystem.

TaaS(Tokenization as a Serice) - SeaBed

The foundation of the MarinFi ecosystem, provides digital and tokenization services and infrastructure.

Maritime Financing Platform - Pearl

A decentralized financing platform focused on marine assets, providing innovative funding solutions for ship owners and investors.

MarinFi Market - Coral

A decentralized marine asset trading platform, utilizing Orderbook and RFQ trading models,which provide users with low slippage and highly efficient trading experiences.


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